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Cumberland Valley Softball Association

Board and Coordinators

CV Softball Association

2019 – 2020


Board Members

President                                          Mark Yasenchak                              [email protected]

Treasurer                                         Bruce Befort                                            [email protected]

Secretary                                         Jodi Rorke                                       [email protected]

Vice President of Recreation             Gordon May                                 [email protected]

Vice President of Travel                    Jim Skonezney                                      [email protected]

Vice President                                  Scott Machemer                                      [email protected]

Vice President                                  Troy Rohrbaugh                                [email protected]

At-Large                                           Darren Hartsock                             [email protected]


Executive Committee Positions

Code of Conduct Mark Yasenchak [email protected]
Background Checks                          Gary Holland  [email protected]

Registrar & ASA                               Troy Rohrbaugh               [email protected]

West Shore Minors Rep                    Scott Machemer                                      [email protected]

Field Coordinator                              Rob George                                             [email protected]

Field Equipment Coordinator   Scott Machemer                                      [email protected]

Team Equipment Coordinator Mark Yasenchak                                    [email protected]
Volunteer Coordinator Gordon May [email protected]
Player Evaluation Coordinator                Troy Rohrbaugh [email protected]
Uniforms & Spirit Wear Coordinator Darren Hartsock                                      [email protected]

Player Clinics                                    Open

Recreation Softball Coordinators:

                     6U                   Jodi Rorke [email protected]

                       Kristen Kost [email protected]     
Tim Rodrigo   [email protected]     

                      10U Troy Rohrbaugh [email protected]    
12U/14U              Joe Schalk [email protected]

Webmaster                                      Open

Sponsors & Advertising                     Mark Yasenchak                                  [email protected]

Fund Raising Open