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Background Check Procedures

State law prohibits CV Softball Association from allowing any volunteer to begin volunteer service in any capacity who has not completed all background clearance checks required by the Pennsylvania’s Child Protective Services Law. All volunteers must submit proof of the following three (3) clearances to be approved:

1.     PA State Police Criminal History Check - request completed online and a response is normally received within days; AND

2.     PA Department of Human Services Certification - request completed online but the response can take up to a week; AND

3.     FBI Clearance (for those individuals who have not lived in Pennsylvania for 10 consecutive years) Register online but must go to a local approved vendor to be fingerprinted; OR

4.     Keep Kids Safe Certification (for those individuals who have lived in PA for the past 10 years) Certification that is signed, dated and witnessed (Click here for the KEEP KIDS SAFE DISCLOSURE STATEMENT).

Please note that anyone wishing to volunteer with CV Softball Association must submit the certifications from #1 and #2 above, as well as #3 OR #4, whichever applies. There will always be 3 documents required to be submitted prior to being approved to volunteer with the league.

Click here to begin the Volunteer Registration process 

Once you have the documentation that is required, please forward to [email protected]. Once approved, you will be notified by e-mail.

We appreciate your interest in volunteering with CV Softball!

CV Softball Staff