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6-U T Ball


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Program Description


Our 6U t-ball plays primarily at Paul Walters Memorial Park.  It is located behind the Starbucks on the Carlisle Pike across the street from ABC Bowling.  We only play against teams in our league.  Our days of the week are fixed but alternate each week to accommodate busy family schedules.  For example Weeks 1 and 3 of the month the days of week would be Monday and Thursday.  Weeks 2 & 4 the days of the week would be Tuesday’s and Fridays.  This type of schedule minimizes conflicts with other activities for the softball player or other family members.   Our season starts April 1 and finishes June 2nd.


6U T-Ball is an instructional level for the development of basic knowledge and skills for softball development.  At 6U T-Ball an emphasis is placed on what they learn about softball and “How To” perform skills so that they can build upon these skills as they get older and stronger. 


Players at this age are not always big enough and strong enough to perform certain skills as well as they are when they are 8 or 10 years old.  So the goal is to provide a set of knowledge skills coaches can teach and players can learn that will enable them to progress to the next age level and be prepared to “Know How To” perform skills. 


·         Examples of these skills are:

o    Where each position is; learn terminology that helps them understand where to go so they feel comfortable during practices and games;

o    Running bases and where each one is located;

o    Where to throw the ball when they retrieve it.  


We don’t want any physical limitations players may have at 5 or 6 years old to keep them from learning about softball and enjoying their learning experience during practices and games.


·         Examples:

o    Fielding positions, knowing where to go stand on their own when the coach asks the player to play second base is as important as fielding every ground ball or catching every fly ball hit to them.

o    Running bases, knowing where to run and when is as important as how fast they get there.

o    When a player fields the ball knowing where to throw it is as important as throwing it all the way there in the air.


The measure for success may be how much fun they have with their friends at practices and games as opposed to wins or loses.  Softball should be an extension of their social development and produce an environment that players and parents enjoy participating in.


Players will hit off tee and as each one develops skills and a comfort level may progress to coach pitch.  Though learning to hit off a Batting Tee is part of the instruction it will be optional during games based on skill sets.  Only a limited number of swings from a coach will be allowed before the batting tee must be used during games.




All of this is not possible without VOLUNTEERS.  We need head coaches, assistant coaches, team parents and parents who can help with practices but don’t want to be involved on game days.  You don’t have to win a World Series, just be part of your daughters activity and provide a positive and rewarding experience for all the players you come in contact with. 


If you wish to volunteer but forgot to during registration, or want to know more about it contact Bruce Befort, CV Softball President at  [email protected]


Thank You