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We are at the point of the season where we can begin to "Coach Pitch" to the players.  

Point of emphasis -  Give each player a chance to hit off of a coach if the player is ready for that transition.  Coach pitch is not mandatory.  

Here are the key elements to the rules.  Please follow the rules.  It will be tempting to allow more than 3 pitches.  DON'T DO IT.   Keep the game moving at all time. 

T-Ball Rules,  Section 2, article 2 a&b


 2)      A player may use either a T or have a coach pitch to them. Each player should be allowed to utilize which ever provides highest comfort and confidence level. This will change as the season progresses so please be aware of each of your player’s needs.

a)      Coach Pitch – A player may take 3 pitches to hit the ball then Hitting T will be used.

b)      Hitting T – A player will be allowed unlimited swings on the T in order to hit the ball. Hitting T should be placed in front of home plate. 



Base running can be one of the most exciting aspects of the game for players 5 to 8 years old.   It can also create our volunteer adults to become more involved in the game than necessary.  Teach the runners when and how to advance two bases.  Coaches deciding to "SEND" a runner is probably not required at these age groups.  Once players and coaches get to 10U and older age divisions then it's appropriate for coaches to teach runners how and when to watch for coaches base running signals and commands.

In our rules it says a batter/runner may run two bases if it travels to the outfield.  This outfield ball should be hit hard enough for the outfielders to turn and run.  A mis-played ball by the outfielder is not considered an opportunity to run two bases.  It's important to note that there will be only a few times a ball travels far enough from a batted ball to take two bases in one year for an ENTIRE TEAM.  Even more seldom should we expect a runner to advance to home plate when starting on second base.  We need to coach them how to run the bases.  This is most constructively done at a practice or before a game during warm ups.  Have your team (players) arrive early enough to the game to teach them proper situations and techniques to run to second base or advance to home on a batted ball.

Points of Emphasis - If a coach at third base has to tell a runner starting at second base to advance to home plate on a hit ball then that coach shouldn't send them.  If this happens it is expected that every coach on that team running the bases to recognize this error in coaching judgment and send the runner back to third base.  

T-Ball Rules   Section 2, articles 5a,b,c


5) Base Running – T-Ball base runner may ONLY TAKE ONE (1) base on a batted ball unless the ball travels to the outfield grass then they can advance two (2) bases.

a) No advancing on over throws. Every attempt should be made to encourage the players to throw to bases in an attempt to get an out or learn where to throw the ball.

b) Base runners may only advance one base at a time or two if the ball travels to outfield grass

c) Sliding is permitted.